Keeping standards reasonable

This is my first ever blog or whatever medium this is considered; for me its a record of what I have achieved along the way with stopping an old house from being a pile of stone only suitable for use as a new wall or filling for a new road.  When I consider how few pictures I have taken and how many old computers have died taking with them pictorial memories of my step by step {baby ones}  attempt to conserve four walls and a tin roof. I think that its about time I put it out there what a total amateur can do given the free rein to ignore all sensible advice and just get stuck in.

I have a scanner to attach to get the oldest pics loaded up and will try to get it, the project, as sequential as possible, but for others I hope even one tip would be of benefit because I have learnt at some cost to my ego that not heeding finer details can mean redoing a job – which is very hard to keep quiet from certain people who you dont wish to appear anything other then being purely an expert amateur. So with that I will undertake to upload early pics and hope they are clear enough to see, standards are relatively low here but hopefully realistic . Watch this space


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