First picture taken in 1998

This looked a sorry sight; the house was in the yard area of the property and the seller wanted to divide the yard in half so he could keep an adjoining cattle wintering shed. His part was going to include an 8 feet deep open slurry pit and a potentially dangerous old farmhouse right next to our yard – with 3 young children – no way, so we bought the old house and slurry pit as part of the overall package.

The roof timbers were rotten, no upper floor timbers, all wood whether in window sills or door/window dressing was mostly gone or rotten.  The upper panelled ceiling on the righthand side partially survived but was deep in pidgeon dirt; I have it stored but that is 15 years ago and I have not inspected it recently – ie 10 years ago.

The slated roof was cemented in places due to rotten nails having failed; The outer slates sitting on the flag/rubble soffit I am sure kept all the others from sliding off. We live in a very windy spot, we are facing Hook Lighthouse in Co.Wexford Ireland and there is nothing slowing the wind other then trees on this elevated site; so wind has got its fingers under many slates and blasted wind at the once white lime washed render.



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