How it all began


Is it doable?

Well after much negotiation when buying our place in the country, a 1960s bungalow set on 13 acres, we had as part of the package a large farmyard which once serviced a much larger acreage. In fact we didnt realise just how much concrete lay under the mat of grass, approx 1/4 acre of concrete by the time I cleared most of the area. In this yard was a derelict milking parlour, lean-to shed with barn and a very dilapitated farmhouse – oh an an 8 foot deep slurry pit with a skim of floating weed on top – so if you managed to fall in you would be dragged down and that would be that.

At the time our third child was due a few months after moving in; the 60s bungalow needed up-dating drastically, we both worked(myself in Dublin during the week), had 2 young kids and so for a few years the old house sat.  After a few years however when the insurance broker came out to give us a quote he said something must be done about the old house as it could be a very real danger – soooo decision time was thrust upon us. Should it be made safe by levelling it or be structurally restored to its former glory….well what sold us on the place amongst other things was the old house,so I started the long road to re-habitating it and I mean a long road.



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