Letting go

At a time when the scale of the project dawned on me and doing it practically solo, I needed to be ruthless and conserve as much energy as possible by focusing on the core of the building not as in this case a poorly built rear extension that was more liability then anything else; it had to go. It had been the previous owners kitchen – very basic.

Also at the time the house was a low priority shed (with possibilities) on the edge of a yard – without any back garden there was no immediate plans to restore it into a livable house; that could be planned later should the garden ever be bought. In the mean time the bungalow was ever expanding due to our ever expanding brood so with a job, kids, animals and veg garden, time was an ever decreasing component of a hectic life.

The previous owner had retained adjoining land and what was the house garden became the neighbours entrance to his land so I didnt get fully into the project until the garden became part of the property many years later.

If you look at the level of the extension you will see that it obviously was made for a shorter person, the level of the roof line is already low as it is – of course people were shorter in those days. In the intervening years we had a pig living in the kitchen for a number of years – so the story of having pigs in the kitchen are true!

The walls of the extension were leaning and were made of rough stone and mud  but heightened by a few concrete blocks – it had to be the most dodgy construction I have ever come across. A skim of concrete  plaster kept out the elements but it must have been very damp as it was laid straight on the ground without any foundations.

It was satisfying taking the sledge hammer to this part of the building and was one more step towards a tidier house as this part of the house is very visible from the road passing close by.

The above picture shows the back garden newly acquired and area dug out as tons of soil had to be hauled to make it level and no ugly extension.




2 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Jean Reinhardt

    We renovated an old 1930’s cottage back in the ’80’s and now we are doing the same thing to an even older tiny little townhouse in Cavan. This one is in much worse condition than our first one and it’s getting a new roof in a couple of weeks. Basically, we’ll have to gut the place, but it will be worth it in the end. I know what it’s like trying to renovate with a young family, which is what we did in the past, but this time it’s just the two of us as our kids have flown the nest.


    1. bosleydoyle Post author

      Sometimes worse is better because it can be like starting nearly from scratch – less to confine you. Features like nooks and crannies I think give a place more character and I have created some with odd shaped rooms accommadating preserved features that could have been erased for convenience sake. Best of luck on your project.

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