Bedroom chimney rebuild – upstairs big room

cut open chimney for lintel – just below this can vaguely be seen a blocked up fireplace – done with cement blocks – my aim was to take out blocks – put in a lintel and leave – simple idea but labourious process so see the steps below


Backside of previous pic – downstairs parlour room – the good room and upstairs filled in op

Below are the steps of restoring the upstairs dividing wall, much time was spent trying to repoint deeply the surrounding stone wall so that removing material would not lead to a catastrophic collapse.

Having rebuilt parts of the wall below; including a rebuilt chimney stack, it was then possible to do upstairs.  However that wasnt going to be simple as two fireplaces – one downstairs feeds into the upper one; as I didn’t want a working one upstairs I decided to blank it  and focus on just  the one. No lintel was in place and the wall was crumbling so I built the left-hand side first and then put in the lintel – which had to be propped up (as well as the wall).

The wall was 2 feet shy of the ceiling in some places –  nothing straight and nothing stable


See pics above – some of these pictures are out of sink because this is what had to be done before I could form the new chimney – no wonder I don’t have any hair left –  this was a very heavy bit of stonework – I hazard a guess 1 ton plus is balancing.  I wanted to take it to floor level but the last builders cemented those bricks in place creating a rock solid mass resistant to the pneumatic drill I used years previously and nothing was going to shift them – and so I left it there to sort this problem later – bit silly really.

Rebuilding the chimney was never going to be straight forward and so this risky strategy had to be employed; which I do not recommend.

Dolphins Barn brick – a bit of history also from the city where I grew up

2013-11-02 12.09.47

Chimney wall completed – sigh of relief

So dummy beam out and new beam in but no partition wall as yet, oh and the wall is up to ceiling level. This area was originally divided into 3 rooms plus the attic mezzanine area – I have put it into two but with a corridor.


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