Creating window – steps


North facing wall – typical in that there are few windows, only the two originally which cuts down on heat loss.  The window on left was the doorway into kitchen which was possibly an immediate doorway outside before as the wooden lintel looks of a similar vintage to all the other lintels.

The larger space upstairs didn’t have a window for that new room I wanted to create so careful consideration of its location was taken as it is a stressful and very destructive alteration to the structure.



Marking outline of where new lintels are to go with yellow paint focus’ where the new repointing needs to be done to prevent/minimise slippage. As rubble build walls are usually so well built that the hole can be alarmingly large as stones stretch in and along the wall just to come up with the window size ope required; which I wanted to be similar to the others ie. not wide which wouldn’t be in keeping with the old house look.


Image0520My assistant stands by nervously as stones are pushed out the new opening.  Working from the inside out but not going all way through  until putting in first lintel inside and letting it set for a few days stops slippage one side of wall and so giving support to surrounding stonework.

Putting in longer lintels further weakens wall so should be 6-8 inches into wall over sides of ope I have found preferable.  Also 2 lintels with large spanning stones to spread wall instead of more lintels and building up with smaller stones.Image0603I used this rough frame to build up the wall around it – putting in large wooden plugs –  wood worm treated of course so when proper windows are put in it wouldn’t be difficult as the securing points are easily found.



Image0554  I used brick as external windowsill just like the other two windows – granite would have been expensive and visitors would not have been brought to the back of the house so no luxuries wasted here.