Stonewalling – part 2

So many times I have attempted with blocks a decent wall but never quite got there – but with a tutor to start me off and show me the ropes I think these aren’t half bad as my first effort .

Usually around the farm I used cavity blocks and struggled with putting mortar on the narrow walls of the block and experimented with narrow 3 inch block-work usually used as house partition walls and nearly gave myself meltdown balancing them on each other but these more robust blocks suited me more.

These are used as backing walls or forms to put stone against.

So with the base stepped out and building to the line either end of wall I followed the guide string; filling at each level as I went to prevent slippage – being mindful of following the angle. The string got caught and I didn’t spot it for a bit – I can see it – can you?


I even managed to sweep floor before taking the picture. I have been making an effort to keep stone clear of mortar and it shows.

Next was the pillar with brick and stone – so many levels to be checked ! It is a biggie – I like that colour brick too. As you do practical stuff you tend to look at how the professionals do it and appreciate the skill involved; even seeing how they scale down to a smaller pillar how the bricks are worked in so that you can reference it in how to approach certain projects.