Part Ten – The Porch – first impressions count

So after many stages of rebuild and undoing of this area( see other pages) – taking out lintels put in not long ago, getting support wall put in for upstairs rsj, raising the floor level, raising the lintel level on outside wall  aaaagh the list goes on; I have finally got to a the stage of  putting my original plans – well not actually the very first one but I was going to put an old hall-stand facing you as you came in the door but I have looked at it over the last few years and think how totally useless it is – so I have a clever plan.

41546204805_61423509cf_oThe floor is pretty uneven but is sound,  not a big area 5ft x 7ft which I made larger then the original space -see Mayglass cottage as it was the same layout – that is impossible to close off and keep out drafts ; so as the chimney wall was not salvageable and I needed  a solid wall to carry rsj I positioned the wall back further by 2ft and that is enough .



28575121878_15e9535e4f_oAgain my trusty stock of offcuts on left, a bit uneven and perhaps too narrow for a seat , the panels are from an old neighbours wardrobe given 30 years ago – since demolished but I had stripped paint off accompanying dressing table and thought these would come in handy somewhere – sometime, as I liked the wood.

27641275317_8c3b785b4b_zSo first the frame – 30 euros wood , 15 euros for screws – with plenty spare for my next project…. whatever that is

The wood again is pretty raw cut from saw mill but my little planer is well up for it.  The next step as with windowsills is backing wood which I put on underside and just screwed it this time rather then dowel business to see how it behaves.

The seat is very important as in modern living we have expensive floor covering and should not be traipsing in dirt on our footwear –   lacking in so many houses an area to sit down and put on houseshoes –  makes so much sense.


On a beautiful sunny day I got to work the wood and am feeling most pleased with myself – but that is the nice bit the next is scrapping off ancient paint without destroying wood underneath on my to-be-doors.  Agonisingly slow and painful on the hands but I am useless with a blowtorch as can be seen on my stripping doors and I hate paint-stripper – it scares me – one drop on your skin and its agony – I stripped staircases with the stuff – horrible.



cracked but with potential

So below is the rough layout of how the space will be and look and I am happy with result. The bare bones are there and hardest work done – it took nearly half a day to do those doors but hopefully they will be up along time.

So I will tip away at it in my own time, hinges on doors, floor for closet, shelf over seating area for hats – maybe even more hooks, box off fuseboard and do another shelf up there.

Modern living means we have more stuff, shoes, hats, jacket for this, jacket for that – when the house was built they maybe only had one of each so adapting the space for our daily needs makes sense rather then slavish reproduction of times gone-by – so my apologies Mr.Hallstand.